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Beth Kowitt ’07: How Google Conquered the Smartphone World (Fortune)

When Google acquired Android in 2005, the tiny wireless startup seemed inconsequential. As Fortune writer Beth Kowitt ’07 reports, Android is now the leading force in the smartphone world, powering more than 100 million gadgets and growing.

‘Fantastic’ Journalism from Beth Kowitt ’07 (The Atlantic)

Conor Friedersdorf, an associate editor at The Atlantic, and founder of the newsletter The Best of Journalism, picks his top 100 articles from 2010, including a feature under the category “Food” by Beth Kowitt ’07. The article about grocery store chain Trader Joe’s has garnered Kowitt much attention since its appearance as the cover story […]

NY Times Columnist Lauds the Writing of Beth Kowitt ’07

Fortune magazine reporter (and former Bowdoin Orient editor) Beth Kowitt ’07 has been awarded a “Sidney” by New York Times columnist David Brooks-an award he presents annually for the best magazine essays of the year. Brooks calls Kowitt’s August piece on the grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s, “eye-popping.” Kowitt, who joined Fortune immediately after graduating […]

Good ‘Fortune’: Beth Kowitt ’07 Discusses Cover Story Going Inside Secretive Trader Joe’s (NPR)

Beth Kowitt ’07, who spent two months investigating Fortune magazine’s cover story about the secretive Trader Joe’s grocery store chain, discusses what she found on NPR.

Beth Kowitt ’07 Goes ‘Inside Secret World of Trader Joe’s’ (Fortune)

Fortune writer and reporter Beth Kowitt ’07 examines the quirky Trader Joe’s grocery store chain, attempting to go beyond the Thai lime-and-chili cashews and $2 wine for a glimpse at the notoriously secretive company as it begins to expand into new markets. Look for profiles of Kowitt and her fellow Fortune staffers – editor Andy Serwer […]

Annual Tech Meetup in New York City Draws a Crowd of CBB Alumni

New York City company founders, venture capitalists, and tech industry alumni got together at Bank of America Tower for the annual NYC Tech Meetup on Wednesday, January 18th.

Keeping Tabs on Young Bowdoin Writers

The Bowdoin Orient recently tweeted about several young alumni who are reporting on a breadth of current topics for different news outlets. Nathaniel Herz ’09, for instance, just wrote about subsidies for assault weapon manufacturers for The New York World. Beth Kowitt ’07 covered the beer market and 2013 food trends for Fortune. Others given […]

Katie Benner ’99: ‘The Triumph of Blackstone on Wall Street’ (Fortune)

  Fortune writer Katie Benner ’99 examines the success of private equity giant Blackstone and the man at the top, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder Steve Schwarzman. Benner  writes that it often feels that Schwarzman’s philosophy infuses every inch of Blackstone. “Employees high and low preach the need to operate with a ‘zero defect’ mentality,” writes […]