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Bowdoin Orient among Nine Student Newspapers Chosen for Poynter Project Archives

The Staff of The Bowdoin Orient in 2017

The Bowdoin Orient is one of nine student media organizations across the country selected by the Poynter Institute for its College Media Project—an initiative, now in its second year, that provides in-newsroom training, online seminars, and support for a campus project, all free of charge. Poynter, a nonprofit journalism school based in Florida, said it received sixty-three applications for the nine available slots.

Elissa Yancey, leader of the College Media Project, said it’s not about delivering one-time training: “It’s about planting the seeds for sustained growth and supporting student journalists who have few other places to turn. This project provides tools student journalists can use in both the short- and long-term to create better work and engage with their communities.”

“Jessica and I are extremely thrilled to have been selected to participate in Poynter’s College Media Project,” said Calder McHugh ’19, who, along with fellow senior Jessica Piper, is editor in chief of The Orient. He described the Poyner Institute as one of the preeminent journalism schools in the world. “The fact that they produce their own content as well makes their team the perfect one to teach our whole staff how to better structure stories, chase leads, and reach a broader audience,” he added.


One thought on “Bowdoin Orient among Nine Student Newspapers Chosen for Poynter Project

  1. kerry nugent-wells

    The Poynter Institute is funded by Charles Koch and its purpose is to spread right-wing ideology on college campuses. Does Bowdoin College approve of exposing its journalism students to this kind of manipulation? My daughter just joined the paper’s staff and I will warn her about accepting their “support.”
    I am disappointed that your announcement didn’t acknowledge the true source of the “award.”
    Kerry Nugent-Wells

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