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Maine-Focused Internships Are ‘Life-changing,’ ‘Inspiring,’ ‘Motivating’ Archives

The students who received grants from the McKeen Center and the Environmental Studies program this summer to intern with Maine-focused nonprofits are often asked to describe their experiences.

“Tell us a story that encapsulates your time,” they’re queried, or, “tell us about a pivotal moment.” In answering, certain adjectives come up again and again: life-changing, inspiring, motivating, invaluable, enlightening, rewarding.

Certain themes recur commonly, too. Among them this sentiment: so much needs to be done.

This summer, the twenty-four McKeen and Environmental Studies fellows chipped away a little at all that needs to be done to help our society and environment. They worked for nature advocacy and conservation groups; they interned at organizations feeding hungry families; they provided free healthcare to low-income people.

In the process, they forged closer connections between local communities and Bowdoin College, an important objective of the two grant programs: the Maine Community Fellowships and the Environmental Fellowships.

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Below are some student posters describing their internships in depth. Click each to enlarge.