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New and Improved Bowdoin News Coming to Your Inbox Soon Archives

As a loyal subscriber to the Bowdoin Daily Sun you are among the first to know about some important changes coming to how the College will keep you informed about campus news and the activities and accomplishments of members of the Bowdoin community.

Wednesday, August 1, the Bowdoin Daily Sun will merge with the existing Bowdoin eNews to create Bowdoin News.

Instead of a daily report, Bowdoin News will feature the most interesting stories from Bowdoin each month, including college initiatives, student and faculty accomplishments, and noteworthy events and speakers—all delivered in a visual, mobile-friendly, and more interactive format.

Additionally, we will be developing content that will be exclusive to Bowdoin News. The first edition of Bowdoin News will arrive in your inbox automatically beginning in late August.

For Bowdoin parents and family members who receive the Bowdoin Daily Sun, we will be developing a separate monthly offering designed especially for you. Look for the first issue in late September.

As we announced last summer, those who would like to receive an email with Bowdoin news stories as they are posted can subscribe to news updates by visiting the Bowdoin home page, clicking on “News,” and entering your email address in the “Subscribe for Updates” box located in the right-hand column here. You can choose either a daily or weekly feed.

Thank you for being a loyal Bowdoin Daily Sun reader, and enjoy the rest of the summer!