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Barry Mills Says Goodbye, Again — This Time to UMass Boston Archives

As former Bowdoin College President Barry Mills ’72 ends his tenure as interim chancellor at UMass Boston, fellow Polar Bear and urban education leader Geoffrey Canada ’74 extolls the qualities that made Mills a guiding force at both institutions.

One thought on “Barry Mills Says Goodbye, Again — This Time to UMass Boston

  1. Audrey Nelson

    My daughter and our family fell in love with Barry Mills the moment we stepped forth onto the Bowdoin campus. As a true leader, the young people he has nurtured throughout his tenure have taken his commitment to the greater good forward into their lives.

    This is a beautiful tribute to a very special man. I will forward this to my daughter, Anneka (’11), who is in Africa because of the ideals Barry Mills exemplified during her four years at Bowdoin.

    The fortunate students at both institutions have been given the gift of Barry Mills.

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