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Student ‘Avant-Garb Magazine’ Makes Debut Archives

Video by Kayli Weiss ’18

Hailey Wozniak ’20 and Darius Riley ’19, with a team of twenty-five students, have created a new publication at Bowdoin called Avant-Garb Magazine to “reflect and celebrate the different styles and traditions of the student body.”

“Darius and I both share a passion for photography, and fashion, and culture, and we really wanted an outlet for students to express [these interests] on campus,” Wozniak said in a recent interview.

Amani Hite ’20 is the styling director, and Kayli Weiss ’18 (who made the video above) is creative director and photographer.

“All the content is created by Bowdoin students for Bowdoin students,” Riley said. The magazine includes photo shoots, articles on trends and popular culture, and interviews with students on their personal style.

The first print edition will be released Wednesday, May 16, according to Weiss. The goal is to produce one issue per semester.