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From Moulton Union to Lincoln Center: Bowdoin Senior Showcases Musical Talent Archives

As if she wasn’t busy enough at the moment, economics major and math minor Emily Licholai ’18 has also taken the time to demonstrate her considerable talents as a flutist. On May 3, 2018, she featured in the Spring Concert put on by Bowdoin’s Beckwith Artist-in-Residence George Lopez. Licholai and Lopez dazzled audiences with a performance of the Flute Sonata opus 23 by Lowell Liebermann—one of America’s most popular living composers.

Following the campus performance, Licholai and Lopez headed down to New York City, where they took part in a concert at the prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The evening was devoted to the music of Liebermann, said Licholai, and the composer himself was guest of honor. “It was such a treat to listen to a whole night of Liebermann’s work with him in the room. and to meet the man himself.”

“It was a thrilling night for Bowdoin College and us at Lincoln Center,” said Lopez. “Emily played brilliantly and the composer was very impressed with our presentation of his Sonata. A couple of alumni came and were wonderfully supportive.” Lopez described the event as “an amazing opportunity to perform at one of the world’s best concert venues in a great city of the arts. It was a true New York event,” he added. “Unforgettable!” He also thanked the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and the music department for their support in this “memorable experience.”