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Boston, NYC, and DC Alumni Celebrate Ivies Weekend Archives

Alumni in Boston, NYC, and DC celebrated Ivies Weekend by connecting at breweries in their respective cities.

Boston- On Saturday, April 28, more than 100 alumni celebrated at Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA. The event took place in the private taproom space at Night Shift’s Santilli Highway location. Attendees enjoyed craft beer, pizza, and conversation with new and old friends. Rob Burns ’07 and Michael Oxton ’07 (co-founders of Night Shift) gave behind the scenes tours of the brewing operation.

The event was organized by Rob Burns ’07, Michael Oxton ’07, Katie Boyce ’11, Joe Adu ’07 and Jared Littlejohn ’15.

NYC – On Saturday, April 28, more than 65 alumni and friends gathered in Brooklyn at Threes Brewing to celebrate Ivies. The crowd gathered outdoors for fresh beers on tap, delicious appetizers and sweet treats provided by Gracie Bensimon ’15 of Gracie Baked.

The event was organized by Krystal Barker ’08, Emily Campbell ’17, Grant Easterbrook ’11, Anhar Farag ’16,  Nina Hadzibabic ’16, and Emily Simonton ’15

Washington, DC – On Sunday, April 29, over 30 alumni gathered at Right Proper Brewing. Attendees received a behind the scenes tour of the Brookland Production facility and enjoyed flights of craft beer.

The event was organized by Abbot Kominers ’78 and Matt Yantakosol ’10.


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  1. Mike McDermott

    Here is another Bowdoin link: The bartender who served the DC group and gave them a brewery tour was my son, Kean McDermott. I was in my office in HL Library and he texted me saying “I just gave a tour to a bunch of Bowdoin Alums.”

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