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Poetry Pops Up in the Library Throughout April Archives

It’s National Poetry Month! To celebrate, the Bowdoin library has invited 21 people from the Bowdoin community — students, staff, faculty, even President Rose — to read a poem of their choosing at noon every weekday.

The readers are performing their poems under the Library’s “drawing in space,” by the sculptor Alexander Calder.

The series kicked off Monday, April 2, with Elizabeth Bishop’s poem The Moose, read by Charlotte Daniels, associate professor of romance languages and literatures. Because the poem is long, Daniels read just part of it. You can read the rest on The Poetry Foundation.

Daniels began her reading by remembering her good friend, and longtime Bowdoin faculty member, Professor of English Celeste Goodridge (1954-2018). The Pop-up Poetry series is dedicated to Goodridge.

To follow the series, check out the daily listings on the Bowdoin events calendar.