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Nature Moments: Galls, Cankers and Witch’s Brooms Archives

Have you ever noticed tumor-like growths on plants? Fungi, insects, mites and bacteria are like “body snatchers,” penetrating plant cells and manipulating them to produce galls, cankers and witch’s brooms for the parasites’ benefit. Fortunately, most are benign. says Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences Nathaniel T. Wheelwright in this latest Nature Moments video.

If you want to make your own natural history observations, The Naturalist’s Notebook (Storey Publishing, 2017) by Wheelwright and Research Associate in Biology Bernd Heinrich, provides guidance and a systematic format, with 100 percent of royalties going to conservation and environmental education.

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One thought on “Nature Moments: Galls, Cankers and Witch’s Brooms

  1. Peter W. Davis, Class of 1957

    This “Nature Moments” series is really good, Nat. I have been looking at all of them. Wish we had this technology available when I was a Biology major and used to go to Kent Island with Chuck Huntingdon!

    Nat: Your Naturalist’s Notebook just arrived; I’m planning my “field trips” now.

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