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Mary Lou Zeeman

The intersection of math and environmental science will be the topic of interest when R. Well Johnson Professor of Mathematics Mary Lou Zeeman takes part in a live online Q&A this week. In an event organized by The National Math Festival, Zeeman will be discussing the issue of “Math, Tipping Points, and Planet Earth” and answering questions about how mathematical modeling can inform our decisions on the environment.

The public forum is open to anyone with a computer or mobile device and will welcome questions from anyone over the aged of fourteen. It takes place at 2:00 p.m. EST on April 19, 2018, and a direct link to the Q&A will be made available one hour in advance. Zeeman will be joined by Assistant Professor Ross Lieblappen from Vermont Technical College. For more details, click here.

One thought on “‘Math, Tipping Points, and Planet Earth:’ Your Questions Answered

  1. Edgar M. Reed

    How do I access this Forum at 2 pm today. Will there be an ability to view a recording of the Forum?

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