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Bowdoin’s Santoro Discusses Teacher Burnout on Talk Radio, Education Podcast Archives

With so many talented educators quitting their jobs, the US teaching profession is in trouble. It’s a subject tackled by Associate Professor of Education Doris Santoro in her latest book Demoralized: Why Teachers Leave the Profession They Love and How They Can Stay (Harvard Education Press, 2018.)

Santoro recently discussed the issue as a guest on the BYU Radio talk show Top of Mind, with Julie Rose. Many of the teachers who are quitting, she said, are great teachers with years of experience who love their job. So why are they leaving? And what can be done to keep them in the profession? Joining Santoro on the show was Associate Clinical Professor of Education Bryan Bowles from Brigham Young University.

Santoro was also featured on a recent episode of the BustED Pencils podcast, which asked the question: teacher shortage of teacher demoralization?

One thought on “Bowdoin’s Santoro Discusses Teacher Burnout on Talk Radio, Education Podcast

  1. Wendy Anderson (P'16, P'16 - swimming)

    Teachers are often not treated as professionals by administrators and policy makers alike. It is no wonder they leave the profession! To keep good teachers teaching, they need to b given the autonomy that they and most importantly their students deserve.

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