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Bowdoin Orient Wins Regional College Journalism Award Archives

Orient editors in chief Harrison DiPrinzio and Sarah Drumm, both seniors.

The Bowdoin Orient has come top in a regional journalism competition. The student-run publication has been named the 2018 College Newspaper of the Year by the New England Society of News Editors (NESNE) and the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA).

In an email to editors in chief Harry DiPrinzio ’18 and Sarah Drumm ’18, Sydney Conway of NENPA said competition had been stiff this year, but the Orient stood out to the judges. “It is clear that in the past year you have produced great material,” he said, “and that lots of hard work has been put in by the newspaper’s staff!”

Drumm described the award as remarkable achievement. “I’m so proud to see everybody’s hard work recognized,” she said. “The paper would not be where it is today without the tireless efforts of editors of years past, and I cannot thank them enough for teaching us and continuing to guide us along the way.” This sentiment was echoed by DiPrinzio: “The Orient is built over time by successive generations of leaders,” he said.  “We are so lucky to have had many excellent ones to guide us and who gave us a strong place to start this year.” 

The Orient will be recognized at this year’s NESNE’s annual awards ceremony at The Boston Globe on April 19, 2018, when news organizations across the region will be honored.

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