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left to right: Nicolás Hibbard ’21, Eliza Nitzan ’18, Sarisha Kurup ’21, and Maria McCarthy ’20.

The Museum of Art is delighted to welcome four new energetic, creative, and dedicated students to its team of interns this semester. Their addition increases increasing the total number of student interns to ten this semester. These include Student Collections Assistant, Nicolás Hibbard ’21; Special Projects Assistant, Sarisha Kurup ’21; Student Assistant to the Curator, Maria McCarthy ’20; and Student Assistant to the Curator, Eliza Nitzan ’18. The Museum looks forward to learning from their fresh perspectives.

Nicolás Hibbard, a first-year student from Quito, Ecuador, is working with the Museum’s Registrarial Department on a number of different collections management projects. His position includes cataloguing and digitizing aspects of the collection, as well as learning about the proper care and logistical concerns involved in the protection and exhibition of art. Nico is interested in studying government and politics while he is at Bowdoin, but, as a filmmaker and photographer, he has a passion for the arts that emerged through his travels.

Sarisha Kurup is an artist and writer from Santa Clara, California. She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Centerlight Magazine, and she has previously worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Triton Art Museum in Santa Clara. As a first-year student who plans to major in art history and who is interested in a possible career in museums, Sarisha has joined the team as a Special Projects Assistant.

Maria McCarthy is a sophomore from New York City who has recently declared her major to be art history. Maria has a particular interest in the study of Spanish and Latin American modern and contemporary art and has previous experience at the Aicon Gallery and the Driscoll Babcock Gallery, as well in student programs at MoMA and MoMA Ps1 in New York. As a Student Assistant to the Curator, Maria has been assisting Ellen Tani on her preparations for the upcoming exhibition, Second Sight: The Paradox of Vision in Contemporary Art, including the development and production of audible labels.

Eliza Nitzan is a senior majoring in Romance Languages and Literature and minoring in Visual Arts from São Paulo, Brazil. Eliza joins the intern team as a Student Assistant to the Curator, working with curator Joachim Homann to develop new research on the Museum’s permanent collection. An artist herself, Eliza has a particular love for modern and contemporary art and is interested in working in the art world in the future. Eliza also is a member of the Women’s Soccer team.

The Museum wishes to express its appreciation to each of its interns. Through their research, their insights, and their infectious enthusiasm, these emerging leaders offer invaluable contributions not only to the Museum.

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