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Have you noticed how different bird species have distinct personalities? Some are shy and skittish, while others are curious and gregarious. Don’t you wish you could get inside the head of a bird to see what makes them tick?

In this latest Nature Moments video, Bowdoin’s Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences Nathaniel T. Wheelwright, performs a simple experiment to learn more about different ornithological personality traits.

If you want to make your own natural history observations, The Naturalist’s Notebook by Wheelwright and Bernd Heinrich (Storey Publishing, 2017) provides guidance and a systematic format, with 100 percent of royalties going to conservation and environmental education.

Enjoy more Nature Moments.

One thought on “Nature Moments: Why Do Birds Have Different Personalities?

  1. christa

    The “why” question is a big one. There must be evolutionary reasons why different birds have different amounts of dopamine receptors…right?

    Still enjoying each of your installments!

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