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President Rose Busts Myths Around the Liberal Arts in ‘US News’ Op-Ed Archives

President Clayton Rose

In an opinion piece for U.S. News & World Report, President Clayton Rose stands up against those who have taken aim at higher education—addressing criticisms and misconceptions that exist around the liberal arts education model, and telling the story of what it does well.

“The data are clear: a liberal arts education is great career preparation, both for excellent lifetime earnings and for satisfaction with the work,” writes President Rose, debunking the myths that selective colleges and universities are “too elite and too expensive,” that they impede free speech, and fail to train graduates for the world of work, among others.

These curious and distressing charges ignore the fact that these institutions continue to prepare students for success in their work, for thoughtful engagement in civic life, for lives of meaning, for lifelong learning and for understanding our world and those with whom we live.”

Read Rose’s piece “Colleges Make America Stronger” in U.S. News & World Report.

6 thoughts on “President Rose Busts Myths Around the Liberal Arts in ‘US News’ Op-Ed

  1. Peter Rigby , "56"

    The problem with Bowdoin is the same as it is for 90% of all colleges and Universities.
    1. They have no cost containment programs and no stake holders who hold them accountable. The facts are irrefutable.. College tuition is up 400% from 1990 to 2016 while medical care is up 200% and consumer prices are up by 100%
    2. While most administrations have value for a diverse student body, they have no value for any program designed to recruit a diverse faculty and staff. Thus since faculties are 90+ left of center progressives ….its group think and indoctrination.

  2. Ben Walbridge

    The “facts” cited in Pete’s post are interesting: 90% of all colleges and universities…..; college tuition is up 400% from 1990 to 2016……; and faculties are 90+ left of center progressives. Makes me wonder if Pete currently works in the Trump administration or Fox News? By the way, what happened to thought #3 ?

  3. Andrew Neher

    Totally agree -think most colleges , including Bowdoin , have become left winged brainwashing institutions overwhelmed by over paid and underperforming teachers-with some exceptions–free speech not accepted -way to expensive for very little results -so sad with little hope of change –

  4. Ben Walbridge

    If you choose to censor my post of the other day, at least you should have the decency to provide me with an explanation why! I am very disappointed. As disappointed as i was in Pete’s prior post.

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