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Columbia’s Teachers College Praises ‘Skilled Researcher’ Chanwoong Baek ’12 Archives

Chanwoong Baek ’12

Chanwoong Baek ’12 is currently a second-year PhD candidate in International & Comparative Education at Teachers College, Columbia University’s graduate education school.

He is among the students featured in the school’s latest newsletter, which quotes Assistant Professor of International & Comparative Education Oren Pizmony-Levy. “We need more students like Chanwoong!” he said.

Baek is helping to develop a new instrument to measure public opinion, something Pizmony-Levy said is “crucial for policy research. It’s also a time-consuming enterprise, that wouldn’t be possible without students like Chanwoong Baek.”

He also described Baek as an “excellent explainer¬†who helps me teach Introduction to Quantitative Analysis in Comparative Education.”