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Prof. Rebecca Gibbons Discusses Nuclear Proliferation on UK Islamic Radio Station Archives

Rebecca Gibbons

Despite the enormous reduction in nuclear weapons made since the end of the Cold War, there are reportedly still close to 16,000 such weapons throughout the world today—a source of increasing frustration for many non-nuclear states, according to Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Rebecca Gibbons.

She expressed her concerns as a guest on the UK’s Voice of Islam radio station December 6, 2017, when Drive Time host Hanif Khan spoke to Gibbons about nuclear proliferation.

Listen to interview with Rebecca Gibbons on Voice of Islam radio (audio may take a few seconds to load).

In December 2016, 113 United Nations member countries voted to begin the process of eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide. Earlier this year, Rebecca Gibbons received a US Defense Department grant to study the effect of the proposed ban on US allies.