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North Korea Strategy: Advice for the White House from Christopher Hill ’74, H ’14 Archives

Christopher Hill '74

Christopher Hill ’74

President Donald Trump needs a coherent North Korea strategy, writes Christopher Hill ’74, H ’14 in an op-ed for The Japan Times. “So far, he has failed even to articulate, much less implement, a strategy for dealing with North Korea,” said Hill, the former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia.

Trump’s recent decision to put North Korea back on the US State Department’s terrorism watch list, while justified, was “largely symbolic,” said Hill, and not the “critical step” the White House said it was. With the country’s Yongbong nuclear now operational once more, tackling the North Korea problem “will require a seriousness of purpose and a level of discipline that Trump has not yet exhibited.”

Hill is a former career diplomat and a four-time ambassador. His last post was as ambassador to Iraq, which he left in 2010. He was also ambassador to South Korea in 2004-5. Hill is now dean of the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies.

3 thoughts on “North Korea Strategy: Advice for the White House from Christopher Hill ’74, H ’14

  1. Dave Dayanan

    Yeah Christ might be right. We don’t know how they will respond to it. Hope that this will turn out fine.

  2. Peter Henri Dragonas, '59, M.D,

    Mr. Hill fails to consider the “extremely delicate balance between China, Japan & South Korea”. When one gives any opinion on our position, that person must be complete in giving the public news of merit. The press has dared to provide us with a portion of the story. Reportage of this nature can be designed to bring fear to the reader. Additionally, a reporter is trying to get their line in the press, prematurely. Lastly “fake or biased” impressions do not serve the General public in a fashion where each reader can contribute to “The Common Good”. The complete news is vital to all Americans who fear being victims of a runaway political bunch, who up to recent times has been supplied by China and Pakistan. The participation of these two countries is known and proven fact. I hope Mr. Hill will consider the center and give comments without personal bias. Critical thinking and unbiased reportage is what our Forefathers guaranteed us as the substrate of America’s foundation.

  3. Gerald Hartz

    You former diplomats worked for former administrations who weren’t any more successful in handling the “Rocket Man” than Trump is so stop being so critical.

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