Jennifer Scanlon Discusses Sexual Harrassment on Maine Public Radio

Jennifer Scanlon

Headlines about sexual harrassment by men in positions of power and so-called “silence-breakers” who have spoken out against them, are featuring heavily in the news at the moment.

But, as¬†William R. Kenan Professor of the Humanities in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Jennifer Scanlon points out, the first real generation of silence-breakers was in the 1970s, when several groups of women brought public attention to the issue of sexual harrassment in the workplace.

Scanlon was speaking on December 6, 2017, as a guest on Maine Public Radio’s daily call-in program Maine Calling, where she was joined by legal experts Pat Peard and Rebecca Webber, to¬†address the issue of sexual harrassment. The program was hosted Jennifer Rooks.

Listen to Jennifer Scanlon on Maine Public Radio.