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Decentralizing the Federal Government ‘Hard To Pull Off’ Says Bowdoin’s Rudalevige Archives

Andrew Rudalevige

While the idea of reorganizing the central government to be less focused on Washington, DC, may have “perennial appeal,” said Thomas Brackett Reed Professor Government Andrew Rudalevige, “it is hard to pull off.”

Rudalevige was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article by Evan Halper looking at the mounting calls from within the Trump administration to relocate government offices out of Washington.

Among the proposals in the pipeline, said Halper, is a plan being developed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke from Montana, to move the headquarters of three public lands agencies, including the Fish and Wildlife Service, out west.

2 thoughts on “Decentralizing the Federal Government ‘Hard To Pull Off’ Says Bowdoin’s Rudalevige

  1. Stephen Chisholm

    Andrew: Proffesor:

    Beyond true.

    Always greatly appreciate your distinct commentary.

    You fill my mentor’s shoes with keen insight, and a bit of humour (British spelling intentional).


    Steve Chisholm ’81

  2. Stephen Chisholm



    Your comments are, as always spot on, as it were.

    My beloved Bowdoin College is most fortunate.


    Steve Chisholm’81

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