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Conor Williams ’05 Looks at Trump’s America ‘Through the Fearful but Still Hopeful Eyes’ of His Former Brooklyn Student Archives

Conor Williams ’05 and his students at Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary School in Brooklyn in 2006. Williams went back to Brooklyn earlier this year to hear what Carlos Morales, the boy at right, and some of his classmates think about America under President Trump. (Photo: Conor Williams ’05)

Former first-grade teacher Conor Williams ’05, now a senior researcher at think tank New America, writes of President Trump’s America, as seen through the eyes of one his former students at a Brooklyn elementary school, and his friends, who have since graduated high school and have headed to college. Together they look at the country’s identity and the American dream.

Read Williams’ opinion piece “Trump’s America Through the Fearful but Still Hopeful Eyes of My Old Brooklyn Student & Friends.”