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Bowdoin Marine Science Semester students give final research presentations Friday, December 15 Archives

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester students will gather at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center farmhouse on Friday, December 15 from 2:00-5:00 to give their final research presentations to faculty, staff, students, friends and neighbors.

Please join them!

Session I – Behavior and Trophic Dynamics

2:00 pm Clayton Starr
The rise of a Super Snail: The effects of temperature and acidity on Nucella lapillus feeding rates

2:15 pm David Anderson
A battle of the wits: comparing the learning ability of the invasive crab Carcinus maenas to the native crab Cancer inornatus in the Gulf of Maine

2:30 pm Hugh Cipparone
Wild Crabs of the North: Optimal prey selection and distinct populations of the European Green Crab

Session II – Ecosystems and Communities

3:00 pm Charlotte Nash
Phragmites australis Invasion Impacts on Zonation and Carbon Sequestration of a Restored Brackish Tidal Marsh

3:15 pm Patrick Warner
Getting Fishy: Fish Populations in Harpswell Sound

3:30 pm Zakir Bulmer
Stressed-out Lobsters: Thermal Stress, Microbes, and the American Lobster, Homarus americanus

Session III – Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts

4:00 pm Jesse Dunn
Living with this mess: symbiosis in aquaculture to cope with ocean acidification

4:15 pm Claire Goffinet
Plastic accumulation within stomach content of Fundulus heteroclitus in Maine coastal waters

4:30 pm Caroline Godfrey
Munching on Microplastics: Consumption Rate of Polystyrene Microplastics in the Intertidal Copepod Tigriopus californicus