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Mutated Growth, by Jackie Brown. Photo by Dave Clough.

An installation piece by Marvin H. Green, Jr. Assistant Professor of Art Jackie Brown has caught the attention of The Portland Press Herald arts correspondent Bob Keyes.

Mutated Growth forms the centerpiece of the latest exhibition at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland. Materiality! The Matter of Matter runs until February 11, 2018, and features the work of twelve Maine artists.

The show, writes Keyes, in  is “organized around the idea of material—how artists use new and unexpected materials in their work and expand the dimensions and potential of traditional materials.”

Mutated Growth resembles a “biology experiment gone awry, with mutant organs and imagined biological systems in yellow, green, red and other vibrant colors.” Brown told the newspaper her piece was inspired by “a love of material and an ongoing curiosity about what it means to be alive.”



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