‘The Matter of Matter’ Show Opens with Art by Professor Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown, installation view

An installation by Jackie Brown, Bowdoin’s┬áMarvin H. Green, Jr. Assistant Professor of Art, will be featured in an upcoming show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland. The exhibition, Materiality: The Matter of Matter, opens this Saturday, Nov. 11, and runs through Feb. 11, 2018.

The show, which features a dozen artists, is an examination of how an artist uses materials, and why. “Today, many artists are looking to this question and seeking to find a balance between what they use to make work and the concepts behind them,” according to the gallery. “Providing agency to the materials themselves, artists are looking at materials as a means of communication, whether they are expanding on traditional media and narratives or utilizing everyday objects to construct new forms.”

Brown’s contribution to the show, called Mutated Growth, is a biomorphic sculpture installation that combines three previous installations into a new whole. “I am interested in the idea that changes on a small scale can powerfully shift living systems on a grand scale and by splicing my own imaginative systems together I hope to suggest limitless potential for uncharted growth and change,” she said.

One thought on “‘The Matter of Matter’ Show Opens with Art by Professor Jackie Brown

  1. Stephen Chisholm

    As a both a loyal Bowdoin College graduate, and hailing from a place called Rockland, Maine. I short, the symbiotics of function and art ring fundamentally true.

    Beautiful and inspiring.


    Steve Chisholm

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