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Powered Up: Electricity Restored to Most of Campus Archives

Power was restored late Wednesday afternoon to nearly all of the Bowdoin College campus, 60 hours after high winds and rain early Monday morning caused an unprecedented number of outages across Maine. By 4:00 p.m., the only remaining facilities without power were the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center at the corner of College Street and Harpswell Road, the Whittier Field Grandstand, and the Schiller Coastal Studies Center located on Orr’s Island in Harpswell. Crews were working to restore service in these locations.

2 thoughts on “Powered Up: Electricity Restored to Most of Campus

  1. Stephen Chisholm

    Kudos to CMP and affiliated electric utility workers. I am honored to represent them.

    Best to all on our beloved Bowdoin College Campus.

    Good U’Bears!!!!


    Steve Chisholm

  2. Mary Robinson

    Hopefully the Coastal Studies Center will get it’s power restored soon as I live just off the access road and would relish the return of electricity ( even though we do have a generator that covers some of our house electrical needs)

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