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There’s a hand-written sign at the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island which says “Bowdoin College, 118 miles.” As the map below shows, that may be true if you’re a bird, but for a human to reach this remote destination in the Bay of Fundy from campus, takes up to a day and a night of travel, culminating in an often-bumpy forty-five minutes on fishing boat from Grand Manan Island.

This is a journey undertaken every summer by a handful of Bowdoin students as they embark on an eight-week immersion experience, during which they’re largely cut off from the outside world. They learn about the natural world, up-close, and conduct their own research projects. For some of them, a Kent Island summer is also a chance to develop their artistic side. Either way, strong bonds are formed as the students enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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One thought on “Kent Island Summer: A Social and Scientific Experiment

  1. Ken Carpenter '58

    The Kent Island story brought back happy memories. Around 1970,my family spent some time there during two summers, when Chuck Huntington directed research there. Kent Island is a special place, and Bowdoin is lucky to have it.

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