Kent Island Summer: A Social and Scientific Experiment

There’s a hand-written sign at the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island which says “Bowdoin College, 118 miles.” As the map below shows, that may be true if you’re a bird, but for a human to reach this remote destination in the Bay of Fundy from campus, takes up to a day and a night of travel, culminating in an often-bumpy forty-five minutes on fishing boat from Grand Manan Island.

This is a journey undertaken every summer by a handful of Bowdoin students as they embark on an eight-week immersion experience, during which they’re largely cut off from the outside world. They learn about the natural world, up-close, and conduct their own research projects. For some of them, a Kent Island summer is also a chance to develop their artistic side. Either way, strong bonds are formed as the students enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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source: googlemaps

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