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Bowdoin’s Santoro Highlights Shortcomings of National Education Paper Archives

Doris Santoro

A recent report by the nonprofit advocacy group The Education Trust fails in a number of areas in its effort to advise state leaders how best to attract and retain strong teachers. That’s the conclusion of Associate Professor of Education Doris Santoro, whose review of the paper was published by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC).

The paper in question—Tackling Gaps in Access to Strong Teachers: What State Leaders Can Do (The Education Trust, October 2017)—aims to help states and districts in their implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The goal of ESSA is to help states ensure all students have access to an excellent education by advising leaders how to make best use of the federal funds available to them. 

“The report does not engage with thorny issues around alternative pathways into teaching,” writes Santoro, “and it largely skirts issues around incentives for supporting teacher recruitment and retention in hard-to-staff schools.” Read Doris Santoro’s NEPC review.