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(L. to r.) Steve Ingram ’65, David Morales ’97, Steve Buduo ’15, Tom Hoerner ’74, Kim Pacelli ’98, (behind Kim) Dan Spears ’81, Peter LaMontagne ’88, and Laurel Varnell ‘14

Andrew A. Haldane ’41, commanding officer of King Company, 5th Marines, was just three years out of Bowdoin when he was killed at Peleliu Island in World War II.

In 1945, the Andrew Allison Haldane Cup was given to Bowdoin by fellow officers in the Pacific, including Medal of Honor recipient Everett Pope ’41, in memory of Captain Andrew Haldane ’41.

Each year, the award is presented to a member of the senior class who exemplifies “outstanding qualities of leaders and character” as modeled by Andy Haldane.

During Homecoming Weekend 2017, eight recipients of the Haldane Cup shared lunch and discussion about ways to strengthen the bonds among Haldanes and to support the College’s mission of serving the Common Good.

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