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German Department to be Honored as ‘Center of Excellence’ Archives

Bowdoin’s department of German has been designated a “German Center of Excellence” by the American Association of Teachers of German. After careful review, AATG Executive Director Keith Cothrun said, “the jurors found the Bowdoin College programming excellent in every category.”

In a letter to George Taylor Files Professor of Modern Languages Birgit Tautz, Cothrun said the AATG was impressed how well established, and growing, the German program is at Bowdoin.

“Most impressive,” he added, “is the program’s curriculum. There is a clear, articulated sequence of instructional programming that is standards-based and reflects current methodologies.”

He said jurors were also impressed by the extent to which the College values student feedback. “[T]he application provided abundant evidence of the good rapport the faculty has with its students. This is truly a program that is designed to meet the needs of students.”

Bowdoin’s German department is be formally honored at an awards ceremony in Nashville, TN, on November 18, 2017.

2 thoughts on “German Department to be Honored as ‘Center of Excellence’

  1. Eric Luft, '74

    As a former student of both Helen Cafferty and Steve Cerf, I heartily concur with this decision.

  2. Dick Burns

    Congratulations Professor Tautz and the entire German Department of professors and students!

    Dick Burns ’58

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