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Faceoff: How Dee Spagnuolo ’96 Kept the USA Women’s Hockey Team on the Ice Archives

Before the US Women’s National Hockey Team claimed the world championship in overtime against Canada last spring, the team claimed another victory off the ice. Prior to the tournament, members of the team threatened to boycott the championship when negotiations for a contract with USA Hockey failed to bring meaningful progress for the players. Leading the legal effort was Dee Spagnuolo ’96, representing the team pro bono. Negotiating with USA Hockey, she gained a favorable settlement for the players that kept them on the ice for victory.

Dee, a hockey player and three-sport captain at Bowdoin, led a fascinating discussion about the fight for equitable rights, on and off the ice. The audience enjoyed hearing Dee’s remarks, and seeing video footage of the game, and examples of outreach by individual members of the team, including how the Bowdoin women’s hockey team (and other college teams) stood behind them. The event, held at the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Center in DC, was proudly sponsored by the Bowdoin LGBTIQA Association.