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Busting the Myth: Bowdoin College, the Liberal Arts, and the Path to a Career in Anything Archives

Five alumni working in various fields within the tech sector help make the point that a liberal arts education can take you anywhere.

Having launched careers that have taken them to companies including Apple and Google, the alumni joined President Clayton Rose and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Whitney Soule as they welcomed prospective students from the Bay Area for a compelling conversation about the liberal arts, the power of its flexibility, and the preparation it provides to students as they go out into the world in pursuit of careers.

Highlights from the conversation:

Watch a video of the full two-hour event here, featuring President Clayton Rose talking about the liberal arts at 4:00, the full discussion with the alumni working in Silicon Valley at 10:00, and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Whitney Soule’s admissions presentation at 50:00, with further conversation and questions from the audience at 1:11.

The panel included:

  • William Dawson ’13, software architect for Okta
  • Seth Glickman ’10, a software engineer with Google
  • Skye Lawrence ’10, director of product for Biome Analytics
  • Clara Lee ’03, senior marketing manager at Apple
  • Adrian Rodriguez ’14, strategic partner manager with Google

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One thought on “Busting the Myth: Bowdoin College, the Liberal Arts, and the Path to a Career in Anything

  1. Miss Xitong Wang

    Dear Bowdoin, this is a very interesting piece. I’m an Fall 2018 applicant and I am from Bangladesh. Please allow me to share an idea. While I think that the pro-active posture that the colleges asserts here is meaningfull, I think that when interests assert that their position is somehow flawed or less than optimal, such as racial relations, or the place and value of a liberal arts education over that of a norrowly defined, one-subject confine that former President Joseph McKeen warned against in his inagural address to the school’s Board and Founding members, then you perpetuate those biases or less-than-perfect perspectives. Talk is only talk, and words aren’t actions. A more progressive slant here would have retitled this article to promote how a Liberal Arts educations enabled Bowdoin’s graduates to excell in their careers, and the more meaningful those careers have been as a result of their diversified educational base. Be Positive, Be Confident, Be Progressive.

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