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Benfy ’16 Curates Group Exhibition with Other Bowdoin Connections Archives

Dan Dowd. Untitled, Found truck tire inner tube, vintage accordion case, velvet, 18x9x4″, 2016.

Artist Nick Benfy ’16 has curated a show that may jog your memory a bit, and it includes works from other artists you may have heard mentioned around campus.

Nostalgisms at Able Baker Contemporary in Portland runs through December 2, 2017, and features work by Benfy as well as those by former sculptor in residence John Bisbee and Bowdoin College Museum of Art security officer Dan Dowd.

The exhibition uses “the framework of a nostalgic perspective as a vehicle allowing rigorous exploration of a wide range of aspects of art making—from space to color; from imagined scenes to specific places; from landscapes to figures; from paint to sculpture.”



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