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Narwhal: An Extraordinary Tusk! Archives

Dr. Martin Nweeia with Adrian Arnauyumayuq prepare to release a narwhal off Qaqqiat Point, Nunavut. Gretchen Freund, Narwhal Tusk Research.

How does a narwhal use its strange, long, spiral tusk? Martin Nweeia, a practicing dentist and research scientist, has been studying the purpose and sensory function of the narwhal tusk for over a dozen years in an effort to answer that question. His research team includes western scientists, veterinarians, and Inuit hunters from Canada and Greenland. Dr. Nweeia will discuss some of the surprising discoveries made by this international research group. Also, he will explain how the team has used both western field science, laboratory techniques, and Inuit knowledge in their endeavors.

Dr. Nweeia’s lecture will take place in Kresge Auditorium on Monday September 11 at 4 PM. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about his exciting research!