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Mary Inman ’90 Helps Export American Whistleblower Program to the UK Archives

Mary Inman ’90, recognized for her work in whistleblower law, is taking the lead in expanding corporate whistleblower rights in the UK.

Before her recent move to London, Inman had been in San Francisco working for New York-based Constantine Canon, which was founded by the former head of the New York attorney general’s antitrust unit.

Originally from Houlton, a recent case brought her back to Maine.

Inman arrived in London in July to spearhead the firm’s efforts to encourage employees of UK companies doing business in the US, to inform on their bosses if they suspect them of behaving fraudulently.

Inman told the Times such efforts provide “a great example of how the global economy opens up opportunities for whistleblowers from around the world to point out fraud against the US government.”

In one case reported in the article, Inman is helping federal prosecutors in Maine file a lawsuit against a British luxury knitwear company suspected of evading US import duties.

These kinds of cases can help the US government recover significant sums of money, Raghavan writes, and also benefit the whistleblowers, who “can collect 15 to 30 percent of the amount the federal government recovers” in reward money. Read The New York Times article.