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Sam Brody ’92 Shares Houston Flooding Insight on NBC Nightly News Archives

Sam Brody ’92 on The NBC Nightly News, August 27, 2017. Click image to view segment.

Sam Brody ’92, director of Texas A&M University’s Center for Beaches and Shores, has studied the flooding issues around Houston, Texas, for more than fifteen years, telling the UK’s Daily Mail in 2015, “Houston is the No. 1 city in America to be injured and die in a flood.”

Brody was part of NBC Nightly News coverage August 27, 2017, helping to explain why the so-called  bayou city is so vulnerable to floods. Watch the segment here.

Ed Laine, associate professor of earth and oceanographic science emeritus, reached out when he saw his former student on the national news.

Brody responded: “You should know that my whole career started from my first class at Bowdoin College almost 30 years ago — Enviro Studies 101 with you as the teacher. I am basically taking the same approach and path you sent me on so many years ago. Many thanks for the inspiration!”