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‘Maine’s Most Unique Geological Exhibit’ To Honor Arthur M. Hussey Archives

Arthur Hussey. Photo: Barbra Barrett, Director, Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum in Bethel is dedicating a new rock garden to former Bowdoin geology professor Arthur M. Hussey. Described by the museum as “Maine’s most most unique geological exhibit,” the garden officially opens at 6:00 pm on Friday August 18, 2017, and will feature twenty two “truly amazing geological specimens from around the state (and one mammoth specimen from outer space!)”

Hussey taught at Bowdoin for thirty nine years and died in 2016. He was 85. A dedicated field geologist and recognized authority on the structural geology of the Appalachians and of Maine, Hussey was a long-time member of the Geological Society of America and the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference.

In a news release, museum director Barbra Barrett said that Hussey “inspired all of us to think bigger, to be better and to collect a lot more rocks.”

Images from the MMGM’s Rock Garden