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Maine Coast Inspires Fellows To Write: Maya Morduch-Toubman ’18 Archives

Two Bowdoin students — Maya Morduch-Toubman ’18 and Aleksia Silverman ’19 — spent this summer exploring parts of Maine’s coast, gathering material for writing projects that aim to capture, in different ways, a bit of what it means to live here. Both received Rusack Coastal Studies Fellowships from Bowdoin to pursue their projects.

In the first of a two-part series, we look at Morduch-Toubman’s project, “Stories of Harpswell.” Read about Silverman’s work here.


After becoming intrigued with the local people and communities she glimpsed during her semester studying at Bowdoin’s Marine Science Semester, which is based in Harpswell, Morduch-Toubman pitched a project to write a nonfiction account about local people who live and work on the long coastal peninsula.

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