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Six Professors Appointed to Named Chairs Archives

Six members of the Bowdoin faculty have been appointed to named chairs at the College. The appointments were made by President Clayton Rose on the recommendation of the now-departed Interim Dean for Academic Affairs Jennifer Scanlon, and after consulting with senior members of the Committee on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure. Holders of named chairs are entitled to additional research funds. On July 1, 2017,  Elizabeth F. McCormack became Bowdoin’s new Dean for Academic Affairs.

Jackie Brown was appointed Marvin H. Green Jr. Assistant Professor of Art
It’s such a wonderful honor. I feel so fortunate to be part of the thriving community here at Bowdoin, and having my own efforts acknowledged means a great deal to me. The support will allow me greater freedom to experiment and to take the kind of creative risks that are essential to artistic inquiry.

Belinda Kong was appointed John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Associate Professor of Asian Studies and English
It’s a privilege to be able to teach at Bowdoin, to have the opportunity to get to know and foster the growth of such amazing students. I’m deeply honored by this named chair appointment, and the research funds will help toward the completion of my current book manuscript on works of fiction written about the SARS virus.

Robert G. Morrison was appointed George Lincoln Skolfield Jr. Professor of Religion
I am deeply honored to be appointed to the George Lincoln Skolfield Jr. chair! Just as my courses argue relentlessly that religion is a product of its context, I knew immediately that this unexpected recognition owes much to my outstanding colleagues in the Department of Religion. Research on the recondite field of Islamic science depends heavily on travel to manuscript libraries worldwide, so the additional funding will be most welcome.

Brian J. Purnell was appointed Geoffrey Canada Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History
I am surrounded by colleagues who are the top teacher-scholars in their fields, so I am very honored to receive this recognition from the College. Currently, I am under contract with Yale University Press to write a massive synthesis history of African Americans in New York City since 1626, so these extra funds will help in that work a great deal.

Allen L. Springer was appointed William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Constitutional and International Law and Government
This is a genuine honor, particularly since I will be succeeding my colleague and good friend Dick Morgan, who was such a remarkable figure both at Bowdoin and in the broader academic community. The funding will be very much appreciated in supporting two ongoing research projects: The first is a study of multilevel environmental governance, focusing on the Canada-US relationship; the second is a project designed to bring a case-study based approach to the teaching of international relations.

Birgit Tautz was appointed George Taylor Files Professor of Modern Languages
I’m thrilled about this appointment, not just for myself but for foreign languages and especially German at Bowdoin. George Taylor Files was an alumnus and professor of German at the College. Incidentally, he obtained his PhD in Germany, at the University of Leipzig, where I got my undergraduate degree. I am looking forward to immersing myself in new materials, perhaps workshops, and seeking out new ways of sharing my work and research. I’m also excited about pursuing more joint research with students.