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Coretta King ’12

Like so many singer-songwriters, Coretta King ’12 is working hard to build a reputation for herself in that most competitive of environments—”Music CIty, USA,” aka Nashville, Tennessee.

King credits her education at Bowdoin with giving her the self-belief and determination necessary to succeed in her business.

A psychology major, King also maintained a strong connection to music while at Bowdoin, where she took many courses to improve her vocal skills and her knowledge of music theory.

In her senior year she undertook an independent project connecting psychology with music. She also founded Bowdoin Community Gospel Choir.

As she carves out a career in the industry, King remains undaunted, and determined to distinguish herself from the crowd.

She has released a collection of her own songs online—freely available through SoundCloud. This material she characterizes as a taster, something to whet the appetite of her fans as she works on a bigger album project down the road.

King spoke to Bowdoin News about her music, life in Nashville, and Bowdoin College (audio file may take a few seconds to load.)

Click here to read Coretta King’s comments.

2 thoughts on “Evolving as an Artist, Coretta King ’12 Releases New Songs

  1. Stephen Chisholm

    I think Coretta King is brilliant. Inspirsatioal material.Happy to help support her career in any way I can.

    And y’hea, this gal is going to make it big-time.

    Steve Chisholm

  2. Kayla Baker '09

    Coretta has an amazing voice and great personality. I’m happy to see that she’s utlilizing her artistic skills in the music industry!

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