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Emotional scenes on campus on August 22, 2017, as the Class of 2021 moved into their dorm rooms. Student helpers were on hand as carloads of incoming first years and their families arrived in Brunswick from all corners of the country.

For many it was a bittersweet occasion, a chance to say “goodbye and good luck,” as these new Bowdoin arrivals prepare for “the best four years of their lives.”

After settling into their new dorm rooms, first years headed to Farley Field House for a barbecue before “camping out” inside the building. The following morning students are headed out on their various orientation trips across the state.¬†Classes begin Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Class of 2021 Arrives on Campus

  1. Christopher H. Hanks '68

    In 1964 when I started, I took a bus to get to campus. Some fraternity guys schlepped my footlocker to my freshman dorm, Hyde Hall, and encouraged me in the most friendly way to stop by the house later for some food. Soon thereafter, I was issued my freshman beanie and had made for myself the neck placard we all had to wear for the first few weeks showing your name and the fraternity you had pledged. (You had to pledge a fraternity pronto in order to get fed. Otherwise, they were all pretty much the same.)

    It was all great. Mom and Dad were nowhere to be found, and “orientation” consisted mainly of seniors instructing us freshmen to locate “Lawrence Hall” on campus.)

    (Professor Lawrence Hall was my freshman English prof. One of the best professors I had at Bowdoin. He set himself on fire once first semester — when he put his lit pipe in his jacket pocket so he could shake both fists at us telling us the best sellers we had been reading (Advise and Consent, in my case) were all crap and that it was time to get to know Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.)

  2. Bob Sargent, Class of 1958

    Grandson Beckett Slayton is Class of 2021, a legacy several times over: both parents, both grandfathers, and a great uncle as former faculty( John Sweet)!

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