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Art Museum’s Hendricks Exhibition Highlights “New, Liberating Way of Seeing Black People on Canvas” (Artsy) Archives

“Toast of Amos,” 1966, oil and acrylic on canvas, by Barkley Hendricks

The American art world was shocked by the sudden death of portrait painter Barkey L. Hendricks earlier this year, aged 72, writes Antwaun Sargent on Hendricks’ unexpected passing prompted Joachim Homann, curator at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, to stage a tribute show, which opened last month and runs until October 29. 2017.

The exhibition, Barkley Hendricks: “Let’s Make Some History, features five privately owned paintings by Hendricks, “four of which have never been seen publicly before.” The paintings are all from Barkley’s early period, said Sargent, which “manifested a new, liberating way of seeing the black body on canvas.”