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Lonnie Hackett ’14 Heading to Oxford as Rotary Scholar Archives

Lonnie Hackett ’14 with Zambian teachers trained by Healthy Kids/Brighter Future to be school health workers

College footballer-turned-child health activist Lonnie Hackett ’14 has received an international scholarship to study at Oxford University for a year, according to The Times Record. Hackett is getting $35,000 as a Rotary International Scholar to study for a master’s in public health at the prestigious UK institution.

Back in 2013 Hackett, with the help of a Thomas A. McKinley ’06 and Hannah Weil McKinley ’08 Summer Fellowship grant from Bowdoin, launched a nonprofit aimed at improving the health of schoolchildren in Zambia, where he had worked as a volunteer and where he now lives. Healthy Kids/Brighter Future employs the concept of using classroom teachers as “frontline health care workers,” and claims to have improved the health of more than 30,000 children in the southern African country.

Hackett said he hopes to use the skills gained studying at Oxford to help him expand the school health program to reach 100,000 children by the end of 2018.