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Arctic Museum Participates in #MuseumWeek on Social Media Archives

This week, June 19-25, the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum is participating in #MuseumWeek. A UNESCO project, #MuseumWeek was the first worldwide cultural event to take place exclusively on social media. #MuseumWeek provides cultural institutions an exciting platform to digitally share their collections and extend their reach to an international audience. This year, museums, galleries, libraries, and archives around the world unite for the cause of gender equality under the week-long theme: A Tribute to Women, with the hashtag #WomenMW.

#MuseumWeek celebrates women with 7 days, 7 themes, and 7 hashtags. #FoodMW kicked off the week on Monday, as cultural institutions shared their food-related artifacts and exhibits featuring women, made by women, or used by them. The Arctic Museum participated by showcasing Inuit women and girls preparing seal meat and fishing for trout.

For Tuesday’s #SportsMW, the Arctic Museum highlighted the simple, yet surprisingly difficult, traditional cup-in-pin game, with a video taken by Donald B. MacMilan of two Inuit girls playing the game while seated on a sledge. The week continues with music, stories, book, travel, and heritage themes.

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