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Why You Should Not Miss Museum of Art’s ‘Why Draw?’ Exhibition (Boston Globe) Archives

In a recent review of the Museum’s current exhibition “Why Draw? 500 Years of Drawings and Watercolors at Bowdoin College,” the Boston Globe observes that the more than 150 works in the show reveal both the intimacy and immediacy of drawings and watercolors. “The works allow visitors to figuratively look over artists’ shoulders as they record their perceptions of the world,” reporter Sonia Rao describes after talking with curator Joachim Homann.

The exhibition surveys the Museum’s collections, and includes pieces by Carlo Maratti, Peter Paul Rubens, Winslow Homer, and Eva Hesse. “Why Draw” will be on view until Sept. 3. The Museum plans to offer a series of programs related to the exhibition, including drawing workshops and talks.

thumb:Sophie Washington ’19