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Earth and Oceanographic Science Students Iceland-Bound Archives

EOS students and faculty members before boarding a bus to Boston to meet up with the rest of the group heading to Iceland for a 10-day field seminar.

Eleven students and four faculty members from the Earth and Oceanographic Science Department left campus Tuesday afternoon bound for Iceland, where they will immerse themselves in field research into the various connections among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and cryosphere, and into the variations of the earth’s surface. Nine other students will join the group in Boston for the journey to Reykjavik.

“Iceland is an ideal location to study the causal relationships and the interactions between tectonics, volcanism, glaciation, ecology, and oceanography,” says Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Collin Roesler, the trip’s leader.

“This speaks to the core philosophy of the department’s integrated ‘systems’ approach to Earth and Oceanographic Science. Rather than being a show-and-tell tour, this field seminar is designed to foster collaboration, active learning, and discovery for students and staff.”