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Mariette Aborn ’17 Named Bowdoin Student Employee of the Year Archives

Mariette Aborn ’17 is Bowdoin’s 2016-2017 Student Employee of the Year

Fifteen students who work in departments around campus were recently recognized for their outstanding work.

After reading write-ups submitted by supervisors, members of an advisory board deemed senior Mariette Aborn the top employee of the year.

Aborn has worked for Admissions since 2014, first as the office’s overnight hosting coordinator and then as a tour guide. “From our first encounter…it was clear that Mariette is a DYNAMO,” wrote Assistant Dean of Admissions Margot Haines in her nomination. “Professional”…”reliable”…”superhuman”…”an inspiration”…”awe-inspiring organization”…”level-headed”…”outgoing,” were just some of the ways Haines described Aborn.

Meredith Haralson, associate director of student employment, organized a recent reception to recognize the exemplary student workers. “Students are a critical resource to the daily operations of many departments on campus,” she said, and they forge a connection between the student body and staff.

The nominated students for 2016-2017 employee of the year

All of the 15 nominees were praised by their supervisors at the event, and each received a water bottle and a certificate. Some of the traits shared by some or many of the nominees included leadership, problem solving, calmness under pressure, friendliness, and dependability. Many departments said the graduating seniors would be a “huge loss.”

Below are a few of the praises supervisors showered on their workers:

Bowdoin Dining said that Drew Anderson ’17, who was Jack Magee’s student manager, “keeps an even keel and calm demeanor when serving over 400 people.”

And Miriam El-Baz ’17 “steps right out of her comfort zone,” according to Career Planning.

Shannon McCabe ’17, who worked in the library, was “conscientious, kind, and helpful.”

Student Activities described Karla Olivares ’17 as “positive, and a hardworking member or our office.”

Photos by Juli Haugen

  • Career Planning's Miriam El-Baz ’17, with Meg Springer (middle) and Laurie Sweetman