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12 Seniors Present at National Chemistry Conference Archives

Left to right: Emily Mumford, Danielle Freeman, Ryan Herman, Lauren Nguyen, Leah Alper, Alexander Poblete, Caroline Corban, David Ruuska, Ellery Rourk, and Michael Paul

Caroline Corban, Lauren Nguyen, and Julia Michels

Twelve students are attending the American Chemical Society’s national meeting, in San Francisco, to present their Bowdoin research. They left on Sunday and return mid-week. “This is quite a feat — made possible by funding from the Grua/O’Connell Research Award, the John L. Roberts Fund, the National Science Foundation, INBRE faulty grants, and the chemistry department’s Coles Fund endowment,” said Dharni Vasudevan, professor of chemistry and environmental studies at Bowdoin.

Below are the students attending the conference and the titles of their research projects:

  • Malcolm Groves’17: Excited-State Intermolecular Proton Transfer in Aminonaphthols
  • Danielle Freeman ’17: Building a mechanistic understanding of the sorption of substituted pyridines to aluminosilicate clays
  • Leah Alper ’17: Predicting Sorption of Anionic Pharmaceuticals to Soils: An Evaluation of Probe Compounds
  • Lauren Nguyen ’17: Characterizing the Reactions Responsible for Aging in Wood-Based Pyrolysis
  • Michael Paul ’17: Experimental Determination of Redox Potentials of Environmentally Relevant Pollutants
  • Emily Mumford ’17: Tandem Incorporation of Enantiomeric Residues Engenders Discrete Peptoid Structures
  • Ellery Rourk ’17: Characterization of Various Platinum(II) Excimers
  • Alexander Poblete ’17: Kinetics of Excited State Proton Transfer in Aqueous Reverse Micelles
  • David Ruuska ’17: Accurate Absorption Spectra of Aqueous Estrogen Derivatives via Molecular Dynamics/EOM-CCSD
  • Ryan Herman: Development of Alkyne-Based Therapeutics for the Eradication of Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Caroline Corban ’17: Proteomics and Transcriptomics: Techniques for the Discovery and Characterization of Neuropeptide Receptors in the American Lobster, Homarus americanus
  • Julia Michels ’17: Top-down and bottom-up proteomics for the identification of crustacean neuropeptides and precursor-related peptides predicted by transcriptomics