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Library’s Ramp Gallery Goes Under the Microscope Archives

The Ramp Gallery in Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, which lies along a ramp on the library’s bottom floor, has a new student show of large-print microscopic images.

“Under the Microscope,” curated by Sarah Freshnock ’17, features images submitted by three students doing scientific research: Aliya Feroe ’17, Monique Lillis ’17, and Tim Long ’17.

In her gallery statement, Freshnock says the show “explores the intersection of art and science at Bowdoin.”

The three science students offered brief write-ups of their research. Long’s research focuses on how genes interact in zebrafish tooth development. Lillis studies cricket auditory systems, and how the crickets’ nerves grow and change in response to injury. Feroe is studying a plant called Arabidopsis thaliana, and is looking at a cell-to-cell signaling protein in its cell-wall membrane to better understand the plant’s immune response.

Photos by Busra Eriz ’17