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Genderbread Cookies For Transgender Day of Visibility Archives

One way students at Bowdoin mark Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31 is by decorating “genderbread” cookies.

For the past few years, two upperclass OUTPeers have visited each of the eight first-year residence halls on March 30 or 31. They come armed with a large pan of plain gingerbread cookies (thanks to Dining)​ and sugary fixings, and are ready to decorate cookies and talk about gender identity with any student who drops by.

On Friday afternoon, Sophie Sadovnikoff ’19 and Adam Glynn ’17 stationed themselves in the lobby of West Hall, setting up a table with craisins, coconut flakes, frosting, m&ms, and chocolate chips.

“We’re here to reiterate that there are out people on this campus who are available to talk and share experiences,” Glynn said.

Sadovnikoff echoed this idea of community. “As people transition to Bowdoin, it’s great to make them aware of who is on campus,” she said. “We can serve as resources.”​